On the 14th December,

we started our 15th housesit,

and, our first Australian one.  

Good time to start a blog, I can hear you say.

Yes okay, it’s a bit down the line though I am sure we will have plenty more to write about as the days, weeks, months and years go by!  Just a note do bear with me as I learn more about this blogging lark!

People ask us on a regular basis why do we housesit?  Initially, it was a challenge in trying out a new way of travelling, meeting people and their animals. Well, the only way to know, was to dive into it and this is what we did.  Resulting in finishing our first year with more enthusiasm than we did entering into it. This was because we have some met wonderful people, and, have had the privilege of caring for their pets.

Back to chatting about our latest housesit which is situated in Tamborine, Queensland near the beautiful Tamborine Mountain.  Information – Tamborine Mountain  Though it has some beautiful sights to see we haven’t been to many on this trip as we had family and friends to visit.  Plus, with the festive season it’s just lovely to relax around the homestead, did I mention that we have a pool here!.  In 30+ degrees humid weather, a pool is a beautiful thing. What we did do, was visit the market and go for a few bush walks.  The bush walks are highly recommended plus the tree top walk.

We have in our care 2 dogs [Titan and Tinks, affectionately known by us as T and T], 1 cat [Ninja by name and personality], 1 steer [Jack], ducks and a few chickens.  Photos

This is the place where a 5 am start is a way to go on lazy, hazy and not so crazy days of summer.  Out there doing the morning chores with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  The sun is rising, dogs are slowly waking up [unlike the cat], chickens [unnamed, though when attacked first thing in the morning I have come up with some creative names!!], Jack [steer] all need checking on and fed.  Best of all it is not too hot to get things done.  Oh, we do love animals and the sense of space [remind me of this comment when I write about how wonderful it is visiting cities and their associated craziness].  Like most things in life, it’s great to have variety, so we will do more housesits in the country as well as cities and villages.

What makes this housesit different from the rest, well so far its the first in a sub-tropical weather zone and the second biggest property we have looked after. In this hot environment, we need to be more aware than normal of adequate water and shelter requirements for the animals and for us. Basically, try to get outside chores done way before the heat can wreck damage on your bodies and your mood!  As previously stated getting up at 5 am is the way to go.

We have stayed in hotels, B&B’s, AirBnB [which is now our preferred website to use when not housesitting] even hired a van or two and to be honest housesitting definitely out ways the first two though camping around the different areas of east and west of Australia is pretty impressive and picturesque. That’s another story.

Back to housesitting in the Tamborine Mountain area, I love that we can walk down the driveway and see kangaroos in the neighbouring properties.  There aren’t too many places in the world that you get to see a national iconic animal/s at close range on private land.

Big lizard_edited


Gardening here requires me to be more vigilant for small and not so cute insects that move rather fast and can bite!  Not to mention the snakes.  Depending what view you take, it could be seen as annoying or rather lucky as to whether you encounter the above mentioned.  My opinion is that I had prepared myself to meet a few crawling things and wasn’t disappointed  Colourful spider

Do we recommend housesitting in the Tambourine area of Queensland,

YES, we do!.