1. Chores, animals feed, and attention is given – done
  2. Food shopping for Christmas lunch – done
  3. Mucked around on the computer – done
  4. Consumed a few cups of good coffee – done
  5. Indulged in some food from shopping mentioned above – done
  6. Re-enter house numerous times looking for “things” we need – done

Going,  we are going, and, then finally we managed to get ourselves in the car and go for a walk.  Within 15 mins we were happily strolling in the bush. Great idea for a Thursday afternoon as it was a rather mild one [just 27 degs] compared to yesterday’s 35 degs.

Top of the mountain_edited.jpg

Above is the view from The Knoll Lookout section of the mountain. We enjoyed reading both the Aboriginal and European version of the history before heading down the track.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamborine_Mountain

Big lizard_edited

We had another encounter with a much bigger native of the lizard variety [edited – it’s a goanna!].  Unfortunately, it was moving rather fast, so we didn’t get a good look at it.  Les did venture off after it to try and get a better look while I followed trying to take photos.  It’s what we do when in a new environment!! Something akin to feeling like a child again for a small, fleeting moment.  This is what we love about staying in Australia is the seemingly large amount of wildlife still surviving around human habitats.  Well, done Australia.

Me by the vinetree_edited.jpg

The squire captured me standing by a fascinating piece of work created by mother earth, the tree itself is not that unusual as we have seen them in Northland, NZ and various parts of Spain.  Still lovely to come across them while walking.

White trunk tree on Tambourine Mountain walk_edited.jpg

Beautiful, a magnificent gum tree with such a startling vivid white trunk.  There were quite a few tall and very straight trees as we walked along the path.  What can’t be photographed is the incredible fragrant smell of Myrtle and Eucalyptus as we step on their leaves.

If I could take a photo of their scent,

I am sure it would be

a bright and happy one.