Do you think Christmas was much more fun as a child?.  

Well, I do.  

Not sure when that feeling changed.  

At this point, I need to state we have certainly enjoyed our time with loved ones over the years.  This time of the year, the reality of now and the treasured memories of our childhood seem to clash.  The festive season as an adult seems to be so overly commercialised full of people being stressed, spending way too much money not to mention the overindulgence of food and maybe a tipple or two of whatever takes your fancy.  Goodness me, I do sound like The Grinch!!

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a bit more” Dr Suess.

Which brings me to our first Christmas in Australia, because for us Christmas means creating happy memories with people who we care about whether this is family or friends.  This was the making of Christmas 2016 for us, catching up with family and friends now living in Australia.  It was lovely to spend time chatting and sharing food in a covered outdoor setting.  We were rather lucky to have a temperature in the mid-20’s [for this time of year]  on Christmas day, which made sitting outside a pleasant experience.

Now that we are doing housesitting on a full-time basis we were lucky to have the opportunity to housesit,  in an interesting area on the outskirts of Brisbane for a lovely family who made us laugh, think and made us good coffee.  Wonderful experience and hopefully the first of many Australian housesits in the future.

As a side note [as we landed in France at the end of the festive season]: In some European cultures, Christmas starts to be celebrated on Christmas Eve, presents opened and the traditional viewing of a movie called,

 Dinner for one

What is so fascinating about this movie is that it’s made in the UK, with most English people having no idea about it, or it’s popularity and the fact that viewing it, is a family tradition for some in many parts of Europe.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year – 2017