Dedicated followers of dogs, who love,  MUD!   Why wouldn’t they love it?    The joy on their faces when the jeep door opens and freedom beckons.  Then it’s full on “4 paw drive” down the lane with no hang ups about getting dirty no hesitation about hitting the soft squishy cold mud.

This is why it’s great being housesitters as we get to walk dogs around such varied neighbourhoods where thankfully hardly any tourist shall be seen.  Ok, let’s face it, where we are is not the south of France hence the lack of tourists.  It’s a good thing as we see and experience a part of the real France, you know, the ordinary and everyday life of the locals.  Which brings me to chat about the availability of farming, agricultural and recreational areas that people are allowed to use for dog walking.  The lack of fences makes walking around the countryside rather odd and much easier.  Well, rather unusual for a New Zealander who is used to seeing barriers using the No.08 wire, on every paddock in rural areas.  Much more accessible in that climbing over a fence is not necessary.  Electric fences are not that much fun to try and climb over!  Check out this  dog-friendly information in France 

Below are photographs of some of the walks we did this winter around the countryside of Northern France.


Another unusual sight is the religious statues dotted around the landscape, first spotted them in Brittany and they are also in this area.  Go here to learn more about them.

With every new housesit, we both enjoy reading about the country we will be visiting. This article caught my attention, and I thought it interesting enough to share:  Contaminated land.  Not in the area, we are staying, though still an insight into France and the impact of war.

Happy reading – Bonne lecture