There are certain things in life during the winter months that we love indulging in. The Internet, Chocolate, comfort food, movies, sunrises/sunsets, bright icy mornings,  PJ time, lastly, but not least of all is the sun.  That remarkable big bright thing in the sky.

Its appearance was enough of an energy boost, for me to say,  “Time for a walk, Louie, and Nellie”.   Within minutes we were heading out the door. Then down by the river.

Looking back at the dodgy bridge we walked over.


Yes, sometimes on the other side of the river it is less muddy and greener!

The bare bones of trees in winter – love it ♥

Space to run and let off energy, for the dogs and for me!  The squire was enjoying some quiet time back at the house.  See those little mounds of dirt they are molehills, quite prolific in some parts of Europe/UK.


Chasing ducks into the river when it’s wintertime. Ducks 1 Dogs 0

As a side note, this blog heading reminded me of Hollie Smith a New Zealander singer whose music I have enjoyed over the years, here’s a clip to listen to,

Hollie Smith – Bathe in the river

Happy listening – Bonne écoutev