It’s Sunday morning.

Isn’t having a late breakfast part of a good Sunday morning?  Well, we think so.  Off we go to the local patissier and having done so, then decided it was time to head off to the beach.

Firstly we had to get organised with treats and water for all walkers, leads for two and warm clothing for the other two walkers.  We are approximately 50kms from the above magnificent coastline which isn’t too far and worth the drive to have a breath or two of fresh brassing sea air.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog post, the promised stroll along the beach for Louie and Nellie. Well, when I say a walk/stroll it’s, more of a leap, bound, stop and sniff then run like the clappers sort of stroll if you know what I mean!


The beach we chose to walk along that day is called Berck, which is just basically down the coast from where we were at Le Touquet Beach the other week.

Both are part of the  Opal Coast with 150kms of beautiful beaches and lovely seaside resorts including the ever popular Le Touquet.  The Opal Coast or Côte d’Opale runs from the Belgian border to the edge of the River Somme.  The beaches are long, wide sandy strips not too dissimilar to some New Zealand beaches.


As with any day at the beach, meeting new friends to sniff is just one of life’s pleasures to enjoy, if you are a