“Why on earth do you want to do a winter in the Northern Hemisphere?”

Ok, so let’s face it, not many people do actually love winter though there are many things to appreciate it as part of the 4 seasons most of us experience:

  1.  Civilised, hibernation food to eat
  2.  Snuggling up with a good book
  3.  Carbs are now not considered a ‘dirty word.’
  4. Viewing the rawness of landscapes11deg-frost-morning1fogwood-structure-in-the-sea
  5. Watching the plucky robin flit around
  6. Stomping on icy puddles wp-image-1248314219jpg.jpg
  7. Listening to owls in the forest.
  8. The serenity of the countryside
  9. Walking on clear, sunny and frosty mornings
  10. Watching snow fallfruges-temperature-guage
  11. Looking at the weird and funny hats people wear
  12. Wearing the above funny hats
  13. Discover 30 different ways to eat chocolate
  14. The crisp, clean airlittle-house-on-the-hill
  15. Fluffy slippers, woolly socks and P.J.s
  16. Exploring places without crowds
  17. The ethereal beauty of frozen things  frost-on-plant
  18. 50 different ways to eat bacon
  19. Pots’ of soup
  20. The unexplained disappearance of the scales

BY the end of March, we will no doubt be looking forward to saying goodbye to winter.

Until then, 

its PJs and fluffy slipper time,

Goodnight – Bonne Nuit