It’s a cold, wet winter’s day.  The squire is down with the man flu!  We have a day at the home base which currently is France.

What can I write about?

What about the boudoir, bedroom, or as the French would say la Chambre.  What better subject to talk about on a wet winter’s day, that beautiful, comfortable personal space that we all love to retire to after a long day doing whatever we do.

Yes, that area.

Housesitting with animals can sometimes go hand in hand with bed sharing. The majority of the time we don’t mind at all, having the odd nocturnal visit. When I say, bed sharing this is usually, well in our case, ALWAYS just with the animals, not the owners.  I must admit I do get a bit concerned when I read “… must be willing to let our furbabies [in this incidence it was 2 big dogs and a cat] sleep in the same bed as you …” Well, Mrs. your message was deleted 2 seconds after my eyes to brain connection acknowledged each other.  It is all very well that people want to do so with their animals, they have spent years developing that relationship to be able to share a bed.  Please, please do not expect someone else to do that, without some sort of bonding.  Though having said that there are no doubt housesitters out there that love to share, their beds with numerous animals.  Oh, what remarkable bedmate stories that would make!

Back to our 1 cat bed hogger, LouLouloulou-on-the-bed

The room mentioned above can sometimes become a battleground for space.  Not in an aggressive sense mind you, in a sort of grumpy way with a “For goodness sake, will you get off the bed and go somewhere else to do your ninja impersonation.”

Yes, waking up to a cat, who decides to jump all over the bed is not going to make one happy at 2 am.  Apparently, though not surprising, sharing your bed with a pet is not such a healthy habit, see what is said about it here.

So, on went the CREATIVE HAT.

How can we recreate our once peaceful household?

Let me share with you, one way of settling the said bed hogger in a more suitable place.

Make a tent on the sofa!  Establish purring cat and feline brother from a different mother in said tent, and restored equilibrium resumes.  We are Happy Housesitters once again.

Goodnight and cheers to a non-disruptive night!