Dog walking adventures, Housesitting in France

Our last HORRAY (Part 2)

We did it in style,  with a trip to the seaside AND making daisy chains. Venturing out with Nellie and Louie, check out my previous posts - Giants with green socks on, Run About Sunday and Down by the River.  Wandering around the small villages and towns, learning about the history of each one. For… Continue reading Our last HORRAY (Part 2)

Dog walking adventures, Historic towns, Housesitting in France

Walking the Wall

First things first.  Oh, but the choices!  Then a decision.     The seaside it is to be.  Well, that was the plan on leaving home base.  Until we arrived in Boulogne-Sur-Mur a city by the sea,  It is split in two with the new part down by the sea and up higher is the… Continue reading Walking the Wall

Food at the heart of a culture, Historic towns, Housesitting in France

Marché – Oui and Non

Not long ago we ventured to the Hesdin marché, [or farmers’ market], and got a little carried away.  Though our first visit was a different experience.  As with most regular local gatherings, we watch to see how the locals do things. 1) Enjoy the market all you want! It’s fine to walk through slowly and… Continue reading Marché – Oui and Non

The Business of Blogging

The Versatile Blogger Award and 7 facts about me

My contribution to this passing on malarky was started by Nilla from "ImageEarthTravel" who nominated me for "The Versatile Blogger Award" which I believe means sharing the love through the act of sharing the blogs. I am always up for a challenge and a bit of light-hearted entertainment, let's face it life is far too short… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award and 7 facts about me