“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”

A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Well, that seals the deal.  I need to get out for a long walk.  It’s the second day of spring, it is sunny if not a bit over the top, with the wind, sort of day.

No time to hesitate.

I looked at Louie who was definitely up for a walk.  Well, when I say a walk/stroll it’s, more of a leap, bound, stop and sniff then run like the clappers sort of stroll if you know what I mean!  The other two of our awesome foursome walking group are having a day off as Nellie needs some rest due to not being her usual cheerful, healthy self.

Okay, time to check out some of the local lanes and roads near where we are housesitting.  You see we don’t stray too far when housesitting, and it is all about the animals and the owners home.

More sniffing and other sorts of things than bounding along at the moment, due to that we are walking along a road and not a forest path.

Around another corner is a Wayside Shrine, which has different uses depending on where it is situated.  These fascinate me for many reasons.  The main one is that they are a new concept to us New Zealanders.  Our version is the more discreet roadside crosses which are erected to remember someone who has died in motor vehicle accident.  Here in France, the shrine of remembrance are far more elaborate and so much bigger!

The churches are very plentiful in the countryside and cities of France, the local one [pictured above] is usually used every 6 weeks as the clergy, service a few churches around the department.  There are not enough people living in the individual villages to attend the church services each week or enough priests to run each one.

Walking around the roadside with the houses right by side it, I have always marvelled that vehicles have not careered into them.  Somehow it all seems to gel together, the modern and the centuries old villages and roadways.  This past week of walks around the neighbourhood has made me think how much there is to see and every time I go around, I see something new.

What about you?  

When’s the last time you walked around your neighbourhood?


what’s going on, the history, the new, the people?