What would a dog and his carers wish for on a spring day?  

Warmth and Sun of course.

We were heading out for a walk and some fresh air.

To say we were impressed with the Aubonne Valley National Arboretum, would be an understatement.  Fudge was less impressed as he has already been there a few times before.  The Arboretum has approx 3,000 trees species, many of those were flowering, and, is spread over 200 ha of forests and meadows, of which we only saw a small percentage on our first visit.  We will definitely be heading back to take in more of its surroundings with our four-legged mate, Fudge.

We are very fortunate to have had a few housesitting positions with pleasant forest walks, check out Giants with green socks on for a read of the French exploration.

Another plus about the Aubonne Arboretum is that it is wheelchair friendly.  Which usually means that it’s easier for the squire to walk around and it also caters for a range of fitness levels and activities.

Oh, did I mention the grand views of the Swiss Alps?  Well, they are also a treat if you glance back on your way around or on the way back.  The last couple of days we have been able to view them quite clearly from where we are housesitting.  For a moment while looking at them, I was transported to another era with “The Sound of Music” and then quickly brought myself back to a better place – the view.

Now it’s time to show you exactly what our walk was like with some photographs.

The journey is often as remarkable as the destination.
In the background is a B&B which is in an excellent position for people to stay and enjoy the walking tracks here.
Everyone needed a rest and absorb the atmosphere, one of us required more indepth sniffing!
The squire was told to hurry up as Fudge smelt something worth pursuing!
The clouds came and the sun disappeared.  Time to head back.
The way in and out, with a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps.

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