I can think of no better way to get to know an area than to wander the streets.  

With that in mind let me show you some of the neighbourhood walks where we have enjoyed walking around. These walks are all within a few km’s of where we are housesitting.  Our housesit is in the historic part of a commune called Aubonne with the adorable Fudge and of course with the equally lovely Squire.

Let’s go for a wander.


Aubonne is a small municipality with a medieval history, different period architecture, narrow streets, bush walks, water fountains, pots of flowers, mountain vistas, an award-winning Pâtisserie as well as locals cheerfully greeting us around each corner.

 What is not to love?


 Which brings me to the subject of greeting the locals.  Let me explain the difference between here and France.  Though this is a French sector of Switzerland, there is a difference, which is the extra word allocated to addressing a woman or man and that is Madame or Monsieur.  If you do forget, and just say “BonJour”, a reply with much emphasis on “Madame” is said in response.  Basically, you have just being told off in a polite way!  With a smile, I walk on by and hope that I get it correct in my next encounter!  Which was to be the very next day to the woman below, who always acknowledges us as we pass her house.  Today she was happily chatting to a young waitress from the restaurant across the road, who luckily could understand me when I asked if it was okay to take her photo.  This photo for me represents village life from years gone by and the here and now.

20170414_104101_editedUsually, we start our morning walk seeing her pop her head out of one of the quaint windows that open directly onto to the roadside after saying “BonJour Madame”.

Unless we head another way which goes through an ancient archway to a seat that overlooks a slice of countryside with an abundance of vineyards and trees.

What is surprising about this area is the of the number of vineyards.  Not only are they in the general rural areas, but there a few that are also established on valuable land around Lake Geneva.  Wine from those vines would definitely be sipped slowly and appreciated as I would imagine the price per bottle to be pricey compared to the average bottle of wine!  In less than a kilometre we can be sitting [as seen in the below photo] on a seat overlooking a vineyard.20170408_132624_edited

With a population of approx 2,550 people, this commune/village has three churches and a temple, one that stands out and which we have walked past numerous times is the Temple.


An interesting building is Le Château d´Aubonne that stands in grandeur on top of the hill with its fabulous vistas of the village and Swiss Alps.  I was not able to see inside as there was no one around and the doors were not open.  Which was disappointing. Though I did capture some views of the outside and surrounding area so that compensated for not having the opportunity to enter Le Château d´Aubonne.

Side view of Le Chateau
Entrance and exit from Le Chateau
The view was worth the walk up!

Another walk worth mentioning is one on top of the hill to tree lined paths that meanders on the top of a gully.  The sound of a stream running, trees rustling and birds singing means it is a tranquil place to walk and think.  One that we have loved to repeat during our stay here in Aubonne.20170413_122428_edited20170413_093025_edited20170413_123605_edited

I have enjoyed showing you all

into another communities piece of paradise,

in this wonderfully diverse world,

we all live in.


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