There are certain places we love to visit.

Places that when revisited have us smiling.

They seem to feel “just right”.

The slice of paradise I am talking about is Devon.

You see we know some lovely, warm-hearted characters that live there.  With a few days in between housesits, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with a few of them and indulge in a spoon or two of that luscious clotted cream.

We flew from Geneva to Bristol, using EasyJet.  It is a budget airline, so don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.  We found nothing wrong with the service or flight which was approximately an hour and a quarter.  Upon landing, we encountered a welcoming gentleman at the immigration check-in.  Yes, we have had an interesting assortment of people with differing attitudes when entering the UK.  That story shall remain unwritten, let’s just say we have learnt much along the way.

Then it was a short walk to the car rental office [Europcar].  We have used this company on numerous occasions.  We have had no problems with the cars or the service we have received.  Due to our booking being under “long-term hire” we have had discounts and an upgrade.  We usually hire for more than a month.

Arriving in North Devon.


Devon has a much more personal link to the squire as his grandfather came from this part of the world.

We found this link in 2005 [we came over in 2006] when we posted an old photograph in a local North Devon newspaper.  Which Rosalie saw and exclaimed, “I know those faces”. and with that comment, we shared many hours over the years chatting about their shared history.  Plus, creating new memories with regular visits.

Rosalie’s Uncle, as a child remembers the squire’s great-grandfather’s return visit sometime before WW2.   When they were to leave for their return voyage home on the other side of the world, it must have felt a very strange thing to do and hard to comprehend for this young lad and the rest of the family members.

This young boy who I was referring to is now 97 years old,  he still lives independently though not by choice as his beloved wife Winnie passed away a few years ago.

He is affectionally known as Uncle Jimmy to many who know him.


We enjoyed listening to him tell us what new things he has been doing since we last saw him.  One of those new things is, trying out new exotic recipes with a friend down the road.

When not trying out new recipes he can be found on a sunny day digging in his vegetable and flower garden.  We also enjoy his intellect and sharp mind when discussing subjects or events from years gone by or current ones such as politics!

Reminds me of a saying “Never give up believing that you can do it”.

Not far away from Uncle Jimmy is his sister Nancy.   At 93 years old, like her brother, she is fiercely independent, and with her sharp mind, we have had much thought-provoking conversations of times gone by.  Not forgetting her great sense of humour that had us in fits of laughter.


It has been a lovely few days, the time went so fast visiting and chatting over a few cuppas’ with Rosalie and her family.Devon