Let me introduce you to Molly and Probie.  They are the opposite of each other, Molly is smallish and a bundle of energy, with Probie being the larger of the two and laid back [unless there is a cat around, then he moves like lightning!].

Our neighbourhood for just over a week was a small seaside village called Ringmore in Devon.  Ringmore by car is just off A379 between Modbury and Kingsbridge, South West Devon. It’s in an area that is classed as the South Hams [The Special Place, so the sign says] and can also be known as the English Riveria.  Yes, that last one did make us smile.

After settling in we headed out for a walk, we could turn left to go downhill or right for uphill.  We opted for starting off downhill to a little patch of grass that Molly visits for her morning/afternoon constitution.

Once that is over the village is our oyster,

let’s go and explore around this quaint village.

20170507_081112_editedAs we walk along, with Molly and Probie doing their usual dog activities,  I am fascinated by the ecliptic range of houses that are around the village.  The ones I love are of course the thatched roofed houses with cottage gardens.  Beautiful with so much character and if the houses could talk they would no doubt have many stories to share.  Passionate about British heritage check out BritianExpress20170429_145040_edited20170506_153649_edited

 As with most seaside communities, there is a division between the locals and part-timers and visitors.  I am not too sure who dislikes whom the most.  With many houses only being used a few times a year, the atmosphere is different than other villages where the houses are used on a full-time basis, unfortunately not for the better.

This house can be rented out through Airbnb


A lovely mixture of gardens, chickens, and ivy-covered house

Every village we have housesat for there is always a church or even more than one and a village hall, Ringmore is no different with just one church and three halls.

Molly looking regal sitting outside the church.
If you happen to be around in the area on a Tuesday night, there is table tennis to participate in this hall.
After a long walk, your thirst can be quenched at the 13c local pub called The Journeys End, as you can imagine has much history attached to it.

Not only can your thirst be quenched you can be tempted by an array of food to restore your energy.  The menu was creativity put together by a well-known chef from Brisbane, Australia. It is a small world!

It’s much hillier than we anticipated and not the best environment for the squire.  Though we got shown a route that requires a slight amount of hill work and more flat ground which is great, it’s one that heads to Toby’s Point.  He had been trying to persuade me to do this walk since we arrived here, and I did bite the bullet and do it.  I tagged that part to a much longer walk.   I will write more about that in my next post.

Well, my lovelies,

you showed us a challenging week of weather,

my Gawd it was supposed to be spring.

Though all is forgiven,

when we sat down with a

a delicious scone with clotted cream,

and walked it off with dog walks,

  along the coastline with astounding views.

Cheers Devon.