Last Tuesday was sunny and windless, a fitting day for me to take on a more challenging walk up and down the hills and to view Ayrmer Cove from above, way above.


Just to spice things up as going the same way twice seems rather dull, I decided to go another route that had the bonus of walking alongside masses of bluebells in the scrub.  It was a steeper way of getting onto the well-worn track of The South West Coast Path and is England’s longest waymarked long-distance footpath and a National Trail.

On that day, I was only attempting a few miles, not the whole 630 miles,  which runs from Minehead in Somerset, along with the coasts of Devon and Cornwall, to Poole Harbour in Dorset.

What is even more remarkable is that this girl hates heights or I should say that heights suddenly one day disliked me.  I ventured out of the woodlands out onto farmland with the sea in the distance,  quietly thinking to myself that this track had better go down and left, or I could be in for a long walk back to where I started!!

Out of the woods!
A glance back to an area where heights aren’t an issue, I carry on walking, brave as can be!
A place where snakes love to sunbathe, bless them.  Yes, that’s right, snakes in the UK.  Not sure whether I was disappointed or relieved when I didn’t sight any of the wriggling species.
Okay seriously losing my nerve at this precise moment!


So to overcome by negative thoughts, I just concentrated on my walking and enjoyed the magnificent vista.  A comment on the lines of “For heaven’s sake don’t look down” [entered my head maybe every second or two!].


Not far to go and I was walking along the small beach of Arymer Cove and feeling very chuffed with myself as I looked up to where I was standing to view the cliffs and the seaside on top of the hill.  It was fun to explore the unusual rock formations, not so much fun finding out my boots had holes in them as I walked across a stream heading out to sea.  I hadn’t finished yet as I looked up towards where Toby’s Point was situated.  Deep breath, stomach in, buttocks tight, arms moving and off I went.


Yes, I did have to stop a few times, to admire the view and to catch my breath!!  When climbing I noticed two paths one which looked centimetres from the cliff edge the other a few meters, you can guess which one I climbed up on.  Who the heck wants to walk that close to a cliff edge, haven’t they heard of erosion!!


Then I reached the top, with a glance towards where I had climbed and out to sea, it was time to head back as this girl had had enough of heights for one day!


I followed a gentle 1-mile walk along farmland with impressive views of Bigbury and Burgh Island (made famous by Agatha Christie’s ‘Then there were none‘).

Now it’s time to head back to the charming village of Ringmore.

Where do you enjoy walking