Our last chargers were Abe and Lou two energised siblings from a small village in North Yorkshire.  Full of character and their favourite all time activity while out walking is to stalk each other.  That is one way of viewing it, the other would be that they are fine tuning their herding skills, as they are both Border Collies.  Whatever way you view it, they excel at it.


Being siblings, they have also fine tuned their ability to annoy each other mercilessly.  Which for us humans it is rather entertaining to watch.  Our walks together consist of those two running like the clappers and with not many sniffing breaks, leaving the squire and me way behind.  Though we do know that they will return within minutes just to make sure we are following them and to hurry us up!

20170512_094605_editedTo release some of their energy, we have access to a few walks around the village.  Two such walks are farmland and a disused quarry that is now in the final stages of completion.

Abe running back to hurry us up as we walk towards the Quarry Walk
The restored wind vane commemorating the Royal Air Force Scorton 1939 – 1958.  The field across the way was the landing stripe during the WW2.
Come on you lot, move it!

Unfortunately, our time this year in North Yorkshire has not been as sunny.  Luckily the people, dogs and feeling right at home made up for the lack of sunshine.

In the meantime, rain or shine, walks are still a priority.

 Another walk in the opposite direction we find ourselves in Boulton – on – Swale, as an old kiwi saying goes ‘Blink, and you will miss it’.  We didn’t miss it and did have a stroll around the local church and some quaint cottages with equally lovely gardens.

I love how there are seats for those that may need to take a breather while out walking.
St Mary’s Church
Even in the rain, rosebuds still promise to make a beautiful grand entrance. Unlike two muddy and wet dogs!