Kora is a female German Shorthaired Pointer, and Rudi is a male Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund, siblings with different mothers I am not sure about the fathers.  Both equally laid back dogs which we had the privilege to care for over the Bank Holiday Weekend, in the last week of May.

Kora looking rather regal, or did someone mention going for a walk?
Rudi, cute as a button and a personality full of fun.

They introduced us to a National Trust walk – Standish Wood our first woodland walk in the Cotswold countryside.

Standish Wood

Not to be forgetting “the Cat” who lives outside and is not so likeable, so Rudi the dog reckons.  With unwritten rules obeyed, the dogs and cat, usually all live in harmony unless one of them forgets those rules.  Which sometimes results in a Mexican standoff.  Both parties ending it with much hissing, growling and departing each others company in opposite directions.

No animal or pride was damaged as a result of this encounter!
Our most exotic and quietest ‘pet’ we have encountered, whom we nicknamed ‘Bruce.’

On our arrival it was a hot balmy afternoon in the Cotswold with the temperature hitting nearly 30 degrees, this was not to last long.  The next day the weather flung back to a spring day most locals would recognise, windy, cooler and a hit of the liquid sun.  This did not stop us four from hitting the trail for a good steady walk with of course the odd necessary sniff to see who else just happened to be passing that day.

We have two housesits in this area, this was our first, and our next one is just a stone’s throw away.  By the time I finish this post we shall be there, getting to know and spending time with another family in the Cotswolds.

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