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When I first started off blogging, it started off like this:

There was this lovely 


On a sunny day we


This carried on for months, I was my own worst critic of myself and my writing.  For myself this writing lark does not come easy, it takes much deleting before I get it right.  No doubt this is the way for most bloggers and in particular for writers?

You see I hated school, and I was not a good learner, and yes I did achieve a Diploma of Teaching later in life, and I tried University [I was going to be a social worker of all things!]. Though I never really enjoyed studying it was so draining from trying to listen and retain information.

It was all about concentration, and I will share a bit of personal ‘stuff’- I am a person who was diagnosed with ADHD.  I do hate labels as in the sixties it was not a constructive thing.  Much more support [though never enough] is now given to people with special requirements to aid them in achieving what they would like to do.  I remember sitting at my desk, a book opened, and for the life of me, those words would not explain themselves.  I did not read, or I should say never finished reading a book until I was in my teenage years.

As they say, that’s history.  My present day life is excellent, I have learnt skills to be super organised, skills to counteract ADHD, though some would say I am still useless at giving travel directions or following them [we have a GPS now] though amazingly I do not get lost. We have worked hard creating this life we have [always room for improvement!] and yes just like me everyone deals with what they are given.   Hopefully, I will always try to improve on our life.

This recognition as a blogger isn’t just about me, it’s about:

  • My wonderful husband [the Squire] the proofreader [he’s the tortoise, and I am the hare, we balance out each other].  We still need to keep improving our proofreading skills, it’s a work in progress! Though I hated to hear those words “You need to work on this more!”, he was always right!
  • Family and friends who have encouraged me by making an effort to read and comment. [You are the best]
  • Other bloggers who when I first started out, inspired me to keep improving myself, and still do, they are in no particular order:  I was speechless [doesn’t happen too often] when Melanie invited me to be a guest blogger on her page.  It was a privilege. Thank you.  Thank you, Nilla for nominating me for the Versatile Award months ago.

As the months have gone by I, have been learning more and more from other bloggers who are just as important in my learning as the above mentioned.

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