This isn’t just another story about another dog.

It’s also about people making a difference to animals lives and they the animals, in turn, giving back in their own special way.

A veteran street dog with invisible scars to prove it, that’s Arab.  His life is somewhat different than other street dogs.  One he is a loner with no pack what so ever and secondly he has his own neighbourhood that feeds him and cares about him.20170704_070722_editedHe is a rather shy dog, not one for publicity and was not quite sure what all the fuss was about when I approached trying to capture some photographs.  You see being a street dog he has simple needs, shelter, a bowl of water and some food.  A few good mates,  and sometimes a morning stroll with Tequila [his best friend] and us or her owners. 20170703_061023_editedThough his enthusiasm for a group walk is short lived, and he returns to home base.  He will have a wander later on at his own pace maybe check out his townie mates from his old neighbourhood.  Or maybe not.  If it’s a hot day, he can be seen laying in the shade by a red car, with one eye open just in case someone new dares to come riding down his street.

In return, this gentle soul with a stiff body no doubt from arthritis wags his tail when he acknowledges those that he knows.  His biggest job is to make everyone aware of new faces with a loud bark if by any chance they look more undesirable than normal then a more rough bark with a growl might be in order.  All this is done from his personal viewpoint.

Even the street cats when seeing he is approaching them ready themselves to gently rub against him. While waiting for their food to be distributed by the locals, which includes us now.

There are many kind people in this world we live in.  

A few live in the street and those who we know.  

They help make a dog’s life worth living.  

Not just any dog.  

He does have a worldly air about him,

an old head on his body.20170630_064802_edited


A local organisation trying to make a difference to as many animals in the Dalyan area:

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