After hours of wandering the streets away from the more touristy parts of the city.  We opted to have a long leisurely lunch, enjoying scrumptious fresh food in a side street cafe.  Which was a great find amongst decrepit buildings, solely decorated with differing forms of art.  With music from Led Zepplin, “Stairway to Heaven”, playing in the background.  It gave our experience an even more quirky kick to it.

As I glanced around, I thought “what is ART”?  Who decides what is acceptable for society to view?

I personally love art, most forms of it excite me though I totally do not “get” tag Graffiti. We hadn’t come across too much of it while travelling, well, this was before we came to Athens.  Many of the city streets are adorned from top to toe in it.  Take it away, and you have disused buildings that scream with neglect.  With Graffiti, they have colour, energy and can initiate robust conversation.

Then there is the other type of street art, that one that some would say requires more artistic skill.  With this in mind, I shall let you decide with the following photographs of “ART”, I have captured while wandering the streets of Athens.20170905_121319_editedGrafitti20170905_123607_edited20170905_194323_edited20170905_191340_edited20170905_123348_edited20170905_184933_editedWe came across this Art Gallery on our first night, this gentleman who was a friend of the artist decides to play a tune for us.  Music while viewing art.  Wonderful and priceless!Who_edited