About GlobalHousesitterx2


Suzanne [the blogger] and her Squire. One couple, one globe, no regrets. Walks dogs, cuddles cats, pats the odd donkey, explorers, life learners and photographer.

The above sums up our lifestyle in a rather short quick way.

House and pet-sitting appeals as we genuinely love animals and when walking dogs, we engage with the locals and become, for a little while, part of that community. It’s gratifying to spend more time in one place than we otherwise would do when “tourists” – plus it keeps us busy and active, provides added focus and more interest in our travels. We stay focused on the area of our housesit and leave the trip/touring to in between housesits. A highlight is learning about new cultures, trying different foods and the history of various countries we are fortunate enough to visit.

At the beginning of December 2017 – we have completed 25 housesits.

Art, design and history are other interests of ours.  Which means I write not only about our travels, and, the animals we care for, I will also include interviews with creative people from around the world.

I love to receive comments and interact with people, so leave a message on a post, and I will reply as soon as possible.

Suz and the Squire xx

ARty Lisbon – A REvisit

Athens – Part2 – Antiquity and Creativity

A Tribute to Ria

The Morning Market [Pazar]

Meet Carol the Potter – NZ Artist


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