About Suzanne the Blogger

How would I describe myself?

Creative, quirky and passionate.  Those three words really do sum me up in a rather quick fashion.  Though I am sure many people who have known me over the years could add a few more words on to that list.

I have done many things in my life, made some fantastic decisions and some incredibly stupid ones.  Many have taken me down roads I never wanted to venture down, and it took me a while to get back on track.  Once on track, there was no stopping me, this was when I meet an amazing man who is my best friend and husband.

A jack of many trades master of none sums up my “career”.   I started travelling in my late teens, then years later with a one-way ticket to London, what was I thinking?  Worked on a cruise liner as a stewardess to working in many hotels as a bartender/waitress.  Then in between those jobs, it was office work.  With a stint learning to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant [hospital] and a Manager of a home for people with Disabilities.  My last job was as a Qualified Preschool teacher, which I left quite a few years ago to manage our small orchard that the Squire and I created from bare land [I will chat about this under the Globalhousesitterx2 heading as it was a joint achievement].

A few more facts about myself!

  1. I am an early starter in a few of life’s challenges and a late starter in many.  One example of my lateness is completing 10 half marathons [competitive walker] and one triathlon in my fifties.20140715_145113_edited
  2. I have the most incredibly patient, caring and intelligent husband, and the best travel buddy any girl could want❤
  3. My first trip overseas was to Melbourne in the 1970’s when passports were not required.  Have been travelling on and off since then.
  4. I love to garden and have this strange infliction of enjoying mowing lawns.  NO matter what shape, I love them all.
  5. Don’t stand in the way of me and a good cup of coffee in the morning.
  6. I sometimes capture excellent photos, many get deleted as I am my harshest critic.
  7.  I have a very contagious laugh, and I love to make people laugh.

Suz xx

P.S.  Can you tell I do not like having my photograph taken?  Must get a few new photos of myself and the Squire!




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Thanks for reading.

Suz xx




23 thoughts on “About Suzanne the Blogger”

  1. Hi Suzanne, I just found you from your guest post over on Donna’s blog! Glad I found you, as we seem to be kindred spirits. I love a good cup of coffee, gardening, traveling, laughing – and I’ve walked 5 half-marathons. That said, I believe my hands don’t fit that “lawn mowing machine” and I’m fortunate that hubs fancies lawn mowing as his form of exercise! Glad I’ve discovered you! ~ Lynn

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    1. Lovely to “meet you” Lynn. Look forward to connecting more. Yes lawn mowing does tend to be a man’s job. As long as I am fed and watered afterwards I’m more than happy to do it 😁 The 1/2 marathons feel a lifetime ago!! I sometimes get the urge for a repeat performance then I think I don’t want to push my luck!!


      1. I’m with you! I found that in each half-marathon, somewhere around mile 9, I would find myself thinking, “Why in the heck am I doing this!” So for the past few years, I’m listening to that inner voice. But it was such an accomplishment for us when it happened, right? ~ Lynn

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  2. Funny that you call NZ Downunder. I had only ever thought of Australia as that. And Kiwis call Australia, “Aussie” – it is funny all these slang words. The young ones are thinking of new ones all the time. I just heard “gatho” the other day and ‘totes’ for totally! Where will it end?

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    1. I suppose downunder is an Aussie thing, though as we are only a puddle away I do use it instead of using NZ all the time in a paragraph. Totes is an old one, though it meant something different. I wonder if the younger generations use it to eliminate the older people in conversations 🙂 English is the most bastardised language with so many slang words.


      1. I don’t think the younger people use this abbreviated sort of language to exclude the older ones deliberately, even though it works to their advantage to accentuate the generation gap! I think it more related to sounding cool and, or, being a bit lazy with their speech! They do not want too sound too formal!!

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  3. Nice to read about you and I am a walker as well Suzanne…My longest 26.2 miles, The Moon Walk it took me 6 hours and my poor hubbie was waiting half a mile from the finish line never knowing if I would make it but A promise is a promise and I did it!… I now to do much more sedate walks and no more than 8-10 K a day….but it suits me and more often than not it’s a modest 5k. Love gerring to know you 🙂

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    1. Thanks Carol, well done for achieving the 26.2 miles! It is wonderful when you put your mind to achieve something and you do it. I found the walking was more mental work than physical most competitions! Yes, I no longer do more than 10kms at one time.
      Though never say never 🙂 Aren’t we fortunate to have such amazing husbands who wait patiently at the finish line 🙂 Enjoying getting to know you too!

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  4. What an adventurer you are. A half Marathon and Triathlon my goodness I bow before you, this is how a healthy 50 something woman can live. And long may you keep challenging adventuring and exploring. P.s. put that tongue away #tooCheeky

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